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Traditional life is alive and well in the Navajo Nation.  Venerable Grandmothers continue to teach in time honored tradition, handing down the Navajo Way from one generation to the Stanley.jpg (43454 bytes)next.  The people are wonderful storytellers.  Stanley tells stories of The People to kids today that he learned from his Grandmother and his mother. 


The little children play, and they listen to learn the lessons taught by their elders.

High upon the Hopi mesas, a young girl arises at dawn, preparing to enter a new stage of her life.  As she enters womanhood, her hair is worn in a butterfly style that shows she is a maiden and eligible for marriage. During her puberty ceremony she is taught that her life as a woman is precious but hard work.

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During my visits into Native America, I always find warm and caring people who welcome me always.  Following are some impressions that I was able to take away of The People in everyday life, and during some special celebrations. 


Dances are a celebration of life, a celebration of The People.  Take a minute to visit the Dances, especially the beautiful hoop dance.
The People Dance


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