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The land can cause you to sizzle and it can chill you to the bone. all in the same day.  The land of The People is rugged, Cloud feathers in the afternoon.jpg (257805 bytes)unforgiving and beautiful. It abounds with blinding sun, crystal blue skies, frigid blue water, sheer vermilion  walls and prickly plants.  White puffy clouds float effortlessly amid the silence of the ages, during which  The People have lived off of the unforgiving land, as they do today.


The years and the water have left their marks in deep canyons that snake their way along the rivers seemingly guarded everywhere by the cottonwood tree.  

Everywhere you look there is a sign of The People.  Even inNavajo_blanket_rocks.jpg (71476 bytes) the rocks that look as comforting as a smile on the face or a blanket that was woven by caring hands.


And there is water.  Clear, blue, frigid.  Placed here by a humanly intrusion.

You can see the other side of the earth from here, and feel a personal kind of eternity.  The silence stings your ears as you look at the land of The People.


"This place has been good for us," a Navajo man once told me.  "Sometimes though you have to be careful where you sit and where you step.."

Whenever you visit the land, you know that you are some place that is very special, indeed.  Pause for a moment to visit a very special gallery with images of "Desert Land and People."