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Ancient Places and New Ones

Where ever you go and what ever you do in land of The People, you sense theThe Way In - Red.jpg (68420 bytes) presence of those who preceded in ancient times as well as the presence of The People today who live in the deserts and in the canyons of their vast land.

Early people recorded their migrations for all to see, and architecture that causes one to pause in silence and to think of those people.Homage to the beasts.jpg (783180 bytes)


The sheer cliffs are emblazoned with the writings and the messages of the ancient people.  Sometimes you can get an idea of how old or how young these petroglyphs and pictographs are.  The one to the right is fairly recent, meaning that contact with the whites and the horse had been made.

Hands.jpg (98673 bytes)The hands of time are forever embedded in the red rock faces, as are the flute player Kokopelli who is in a relaxed mood in the rock art shown here.


Take a trip back in time

Ancient architecture abounds through the deep red canyons, architectural wonders that literally leave you breathless.





Places Today

Oh, sure there are plenty of houses in Native America today.  But there continues to be the ever present signs of an enduring and beautiful culture.



Take just a minute here to visit a couple of galleries that you are sure to enjoy. "Prayers and Builders" takes you inside of an ancient Kiva. "Mysteries" simply makes you pause and wonder.  Whether villages of today, or villages of the ancients, The People will make you pause, and wonder.