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Old Tom has been my sidekick for a bunch of years. In fact, he convinced me to buy my first ever camera. Tom stirs up sand devil dust storms by banging and clanking through places of rutted-out red dirt trails and ancient history. He generally uses his favorite rent-a-car to do this. Even if Tom's vehicle isn't "off the road", Tom usually is. Tom's driving, in and of itself, is wonderous to behold.

One day Old Tom ground from fifty miles an hour to a dead halt in zero seconds, commanding his rent-a-car to churn every infinite speck of iron red, dusty, hot sand and stone, to show me a very special and hidden place that only Tom could really see. (I would have spotted it first but I had my eyes closed on this particular drive...out of total fear.) To show you Tom's discovery from the rent-a-car, amid the swirling, choking red dust, click your mouse. I will always call this "Tom's Place" knowing that others have called this special place something entirely different.

Tom has a special way of seeing things about Native American lands with his focus on the the natural wonders that came way before anyone who might be called Native American.

Here are just a few of the images captured by Tom, with thanks to Tom for sharing them with us. I wish that we could accommodate more of Tom's great work, but space limitations just won't let us do that.

A rarely seen Grand Canyon secret from deep within the Hualapai home land.

Reflections of red rocks play off of the bone chilling blue lake mirror.

A place where little grows and little survives. This is red hard scrabble and stark beauty.