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This spot in Native American Images is reserved for very special images that are sent to us so they might be shared by our visitors.  Featured Photos are images that tell a story that is much larger than the photo itself.

Albert Gros Ventre

Howard Hogan shares his favorite image of Albert Gros Ventre, a member of the Apsaalooke Nation (Crow), in full regalia.

Grandma.jpg (85595 bytes)

Grandmother, Brothers and Sisters

Jerry Hall shares this powerful image of his Apache grandmother, Maria Belen Hernandez, with her brothers and sisters.  Maria was sixteen at the time the image was created.

nativeprincess.jpg (43745 bytes)

Native Princess

This old image was found in a dusty closet of an Illinois elementary school.  It was taken by William A. Kiefer of the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune in 1962 and entered into an Inland News Picture Contest sponsored by The Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University.

warrior (2).jpg (19323 bytes)

Who Could This Be?

Lowell Howell picked up this 16" x 20" image at a yard sale many years ago.  He would like to find information on the origin of the picture.  Unfortunately we couldn't be of much help to Lowell.  If you have information that might help, please email Lowell Howell.

This is an image of Oglala Sioux Chief, Low Dog who helped to defeat Custer at Little Big Horn. NAI.

imgindiana.JPG (75975 bytes)


Raven sent this great image to Native American Images hoping that we could identify it.  We couldn't.  If you know anything about this image, let us know and we'll pass the word on back to Raven.
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