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This Land

This land lies green beneath the sun
And shows me work which I have done
To make it mine with foot and hand
As if no other held this land
Before I came.
But once there was a cabin here
A garden there, an orcard near
And someone sat with pipe in hand
And scanned his works and dreamed his plan
And loved his wife and raised his babe
Yet all he wrought and changes made
Were gone before I came.
Did he then see as I now do
With mystic eyes a magic view
Of one who walked this wooded strand
Drew close his love with copper hand
To watch their children hard at play?
Did he know others went this way
Before he came?
Wind, rain, and sun year after year
Have his all trace that they were here
And my works too will fade from view
Someone will come to start anew
When I am gone.
He'll trim this tree and move that stone
And plant his crops where ours were grown
He'll walk this path where once we walked
And speak of things of which we talked
And sit and view with mystic mind
The legacy we left behind
Before he came.
He'll hold his wife and children near
These flowers he'll smell. these birds he'll hear
This land won't show our human stains
But in its very stone remains
Our love, for once we came.

Hawk Watcher - Sha Peko Ouachita