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I lie here in the grass, dreaming, warming
Face to the sun, away from you
I see you, but not through these tired eyes
You stop to mop the sweat and catch your breath
And look to see if I still breathe
Seeing that I do you turn again
To struggle with reluctant earth
Long settled and satisfied
Stone interlocked with stone
Tied by twisted roots
All glued in oneness by the clay
More stubborn than the earth
You pry and break and dig
Just so wide and just so long
And just so very deep
Your sweat waters the earth
As do your often tears
Of all you've ever done for me
This may be the most meaningless
And still the most meaningful
I would have gone to sleep in the woods
To be eaten by attendant bears
But your love for me demands your patient working
I am blessed by your blistered hands
I am honored by your pick with handle broken
We are teaching one another how to share the earth
In yet another way.

Hawk Watcher - Sha Peko Ouachita