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The Faithful Drum

My Drum beats
Pushing back the darkness
Making a space
For me
For you
For He Who Waits
Spirit flies between us
Your heart
His heart
My heart
And the drum
Are one
One hundred thousand beats each day
For seven thousand days
His drumbeats fly between the bars
On spirit wings to link with ours
And not their guns
And not their gates
And not their walls
And not their hates
Have stopped that heart
Have stilled the drum
Of He Who Waits
The rythym quickens
Spirit smiles
Thunder dances on the drums
Jailers wonder at the sounds
They almost cannot hear
A million hearts join in
With you
With me
With Him
A million mouths
Thunder whisper
Just one name
One hundred thousand beats each day
For seven thousand days
And each day brings a few more drums
More hearts to join the faithful ones
One mighty sound
That resonates
Through prison halls
The drumbeat of our hearts
Echoes all around
For he Who waits
People of all nations
Rise to drum for Him
Spirit flies accross all borders
Teaching from his heartbeat drum
That while one lies in chains
Then none are free
Not one
Listen to the drumbeat
Let your heart join in
These hearts all drum for freedom
For me
For you
For Him.
Hawkwatcher - Sha Peko Ouachita
Our hearts beat about 100,000 times a day