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Gene Knitter's Petroglyphs



Gene Knitter wanders off the road looking for, and finding, ancient communications.  Gene shares his photos with Native American Images.  Click on any of the images to see an enlarged view, and click on "enlarged slice" to enjoy a close up of some of the key features of the rock art.

Lynx Lake

Lynx Lake is a secluded place not far from Prescott, Arizona.  Many trails roam through the area.  These petroglyphs were found along one of those trails.

Sedona Vicinity

The red rocks of the Sedona, Arizona area abound with petroglyphs...if you know where to find them.  These petroglyphs are located a few bumps and dust clouds off of the interstate near Sedona.

sedona01.jpg (102236 bytes)

sedona03.jpg (74917 bytes)

sedona04.jpg (79293 bytes)

This is Petroglyph Country near Sedona

See Enlarged Slice


sedona05.jpg (66850 bytes)

sedona06.jpg (79625 bytes)


See Enlarged Slice

See Enlarged Slice


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