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Emmanuelle Crane has a purpose.  To create an awareness of the indigenous people from whom we all have so much to learn.

Born in America, raised in France, and now making her home in Melbourne, Australia, this talented writer/photographer began a long and continuous search of self when she first met people of the Australian Aborigines.  Those people inspired Emmanuelle to increase her knowledge of indigenous people and the rich human values that they impart to every person who will take a moment to listen and to understand.

In her Native American Images gallery, Emmanuelle shares images of her extended visit with the Blackrock family who live in the Big Mountain area of the Navajo reservation.  The Blackrock family is one of the few remaining in the contested Hopi-Navajo land dispute area.  There they live traditional lives, herding sheep, sheering sheep, weaving. Living in a home with no running water or electricity.

Though Emmanuelle participated in the Blackrock family daily tasks, "not so successfully most of the time, she says," her fondest memory is of going for walks in the nearby canyon with the many Blackrock grandchildren.

Here then, are images and thoughts of a Navajo family created by Emmanuelle Crane. 


Mary Lou

"A woman of many talents, Mary Lou Blackrock follows the Navajo tradition: weaving her rug everyday."


"Coming back from feeding the lamb at dusk, Audry picks up a few flowers for her mother."

The Family

"All the children had so much fun getting dressed up.  So much excitement in posing!  An unusual babysitting day for me!"

Growing Up

"Helping out to clean up the sheep corral, this little cowboy has no doubt where lies his true identity: being a man!

Stacey Blackrock

"Stacey Blackrock is proud to wear her traditional Navajo clothes and wear her mother's turquois jewelery.  She also likes to roll up in a traditional Navajo Blanket.