Dances and Pow Wows

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Native Americans carry on tradition through their dances. Dances that have been passed down through generations.


The Eagle Dance is beautiful to see. The dancers seem to soar in rhythm and motion as the dance progresses.

A Dance is a testimony to the vitality of Native America Today.

The Hoop Dance is powerful and beautiful. The hoop dancers explode with energy to the thunder of the drums and the songs of the chanters.

Drum beats begin, chanters chant.

The hoops unfold...

...the dances begin.

With another hoop dancer in the circle, there is much contemplation about his turn in the hoop dance circle

The Butterfly Dance is a traditional Hopi social dance.  Held in August ofter the gathering of the harvest, it is a thanksgiving dance for the harvest.  It features young Hopi maidens wearing beautiful headdresses.

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Color and Harmony; World Peace.

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Aztec Dance of Beauty

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Pow Wow

Enjoy the color of a real Pow Wow. It is alive and resplendent. It is joyous. It is the coming together of The People from every nation. It is the coming together of elders and of children.