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From the canyon bottom,

White House Ruins stands out

proudly as the sun reflects off of

the white plastered walls.

Today, Canyon de Chelly is

situated in the heart of Navajo

country, and is a National


Visitors can view White House

Ruins up close by taking a

twenty minute hike 600 feet

down into the canyon. This is

great fun, the problem being

that you have to climb 600 feet

back up to get out of the can-


The easy way to see the ruins is

to have a Navajo guide take

you into the canyon in a jeep.

Hopi legends say that the Hi-

satsinom, or ancestors, once

dwelled here.

The place is a blazing fed sand-

stone canyon cut deep by the

Rio de Chelly high up in north-

ern Arizona’s plateau country.

People have lived in Canyon de

Chelly since A.D. 300 , the best

archeologists can figure. Some-

time after A.D. 1150 the people

left, leaving behind many mag-

nificent dwellings, including

one called “White House Ru-


The “White House” was built

nearly 1000 years ago and is so

named because of its white

plaster coat.

Arts of Native America

White House Ruins

White House Ruins is the only

place in the Canyon that people

may visit without being accom-

panied by a Navajo guide.

Our favorite time to visit the

canyon is early in the morning,

or in the evening when it is a bit

cooler, and when the sun works

its greatest magic on the canyon

and on the ruins.

Finding you way to White

House Ruins is a very easy

drive from Chinle, Arizona.

When you arrive, you will un-

derstand why this place is one

of our very favorites.

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