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Cheyenne Eagle


From the American Indian

College Fund, the Cheyenne

Eagle Blanket is one of our

very best sellers, and will be a

sure hit for anyone this holi-

day season.

We have a wide selection of

beautiful Pendleton blankets

that help send kids to college,

and make wonderful gifts.

Greetings For All


A great way to keep in touch

all year round with a selection

of greeting cards from top Na-

tive American artists.

From The Hopi Mesas

You will certainly make some-

one very happy with a selec-

tion from our Hopi Kachina,

or do you say Katsina, collec-


You will find a great

selection from the finest Hopi

carvers in our

galleries and on our


A Classic Navajo Weaving Keeps On Giving

Nothing is quite as beautiful, or special, as a weaving from the

world’s finest weavers, the Navajo. Whether contemporary, or

historic, you will find an exceptional selection of fine Navajo

weavings right at River Trading Post.

Music Anyone?

The sounds of the Native flute and the heartbeat of the drum

make great additions to a music collection. What nice stocking


Enjoy The Best Cup

Of Cowboy Coffee


Yup. That’s Arbuckles’ fa-

mous Ariosa Coffee, and

we’ve got it for you pardner.

Better than the coffee shop