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For over 17 years, River Trading Post has been dedicated to educating folks about Native America

through our website .

Today countless schools refer to our site as a part of

their American Indian studies programs. Here we would like to share a note received from a teacher

about our Native American Images website.

“Greetings River Trading Post Family and Happy Monday, if there is such a thing! I wanted to send

you a quick note to thank you for your helpful page, I've been using it a project (I hope that's okay). Our

Social Studies group is about to start a project on Native American heritage and culture. I was trying to

find resources to get the kids really engaged in the subject matter which is how I found your page here,

It can be tough finding kid-safe references on the web so you have my thanks! I wanted to share a page

one of our students Katie sent me. It's a resource list about different Tribes that you might find handy.

Maybe you would even find it useful for your page?

“If you do decide to add that page I'll be sure to show Katie you liked her idea. I'm SO excited about this


“Kind Regards,


We made Katie very happy and added her recommended site to our extensive “links” page. We are

glad that our educational website is a special resource for teachers and for kids.

Arts of Native America

For over 17 Years, River Trading

Post has provided educators with an

honest portrayal of American Indian

people. The website has become a

top resource for schools around the