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Since we first opened our doors, our River Trading Post collectors have become a part of our

family. Millie Wilde was a very special member of our family, and sadly at ripe old age of

101, Millie has left us.

Millie made a point of visiting us in each of our galleries, in

Scottsdale, Santa Fe, and at least once a week in our Dundee

gallery. (There is a special hot dog place not far from our

Dundee gallery that was a Millie favorite. We’ve often

wondered if her visits to Trailside Dogs was the real reason

Millie visited us so often.)

Back in 1943, Millie went to work for the Department of

Interior. 42 years later, she retired because she felt that as a

woman, she would never be promoted or receive the same pay

as a man. ...and because finally, she could collect a pension

from Uncle Sam.

During her 101 years with us, Millie spent great amounts of time visiting the Pueblos and the Navajo

Reservation where she amassed one of the finest collections of pottery, weavings, baskets, jewelry and

artwork that we have ever seen. She had a keen eye for the very best, and traveled from Chicago to the Southwest in search of the

more fabulous treasures until she was 95 years-old, and traveling became a bit difficult.

Today, Millie’s collection resides at River Trading Post, as it was her wish that it be passed on to people who would love it as much

as she did.

Millie had an excellent eye for quality American Indian jewelry, and her collection of over 300 jewelry pieces is stunning.,

including turquoise from the great old mines. Millie had an eye not only for quality, but for the unusual, as you can see.

Always smiling, Millie Wilde walked

among beauty every day.

Millie kept trucking until she

turned 95.

Millie Wilde spent many of her 101 years searching for not only the finest in American Indian jewelry,

but also some of the most unusual.