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Native American People have a rich oral tradition.  History and heritage have been past down from generation to generation. 

A great thing about the web, is that just about anybody can share in the storytelling tradition, and can learn from it.

This page of Native American Images helps to create images another way.  It creates them through the power of the story, and the people who tell the story.

We will tell you a little about each of the storytellers, and will provide you with the path to visit them directly. Just click on the pictures to visit these great websites. 

Joseph Flying Bye

Joseph Flying Bye (Kangi Hotanka) was a respected elder and spiritual leader from the Hunkpapa Tribe of the Lakota Nation.  A decorated World War II veteran, Joe entered the Spirit World on June 22, 2000.  Before he left us, Joe gave us a timeless legacy through an important series of songs and teachings that he dedicated to the children to come.  You can hear the introduction to this important work, produced by Center Records. Listen to Joe here.   
For information about the entire collection of the Joseph Flying Bye songs, please visit the Center Records website.


















Honor The Grandmothers

The history of the people is passed from generation to generation by the elders.  It is a history that you won't read about in your school history books.  In this important two part series, you will hear first hand about growing up as an Indian, told by Lakota Grandmothers.  These sessions were originally produced by our old friend Sara Pennman for Minnesota Public Broadcast.  They are invaluable toward understanding our Native American friends.

Honor The Grandmothers Part One

Honor The Grandmothers Part Two

         Bill Hawk Watcher

"Our hearts beat about 100,000 times a day."  Bill Hawk Watcher's poems provide powerful, yet gentle insights into the soul and the struggle of Native America today.  Bill says his Abenaki blood is thin, but his Irish heart pumps it strong.  He grew up on the banks of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers and spent his boyhood roaming the forests and dreaming of his ancestors there.  A long time later, and way down on the Arkansas, he says, "I am making a better connection through the brothers and sisters I found here.  Click on Bill's image and read his poetry.

Luci Tapahonso

Luci Tapahonso is very special.  She tells her stories through books and through poetry.  She grew up in Shiprock, learned the stories of her ancestors and shares them with us today in many ways.  Native American Images believes that Luci Tapahonso will enable you to better understand Native American culture simply by listening to what she says, and by reading what she writes.  You can learn more about Luci Tapahonso here in two ways.  You can listen to Luci Tapahonso  perform her song poem "The Motion of Songs Rising."