River Trading Post Art Valuation Services - page 6

How to Obtain an Estimation of Value
If you are interested in a valuation, please follow the instructions below. Our fee for an
evaluation, including a report, is $30.00 per item. (Additional charges will apply if photo services,
including conversion to digital images, and or travel are required.)
• E-Mail very high clarity JPG images to us. Include images of the front and back, and close
up images of the signature. Images should be 460 pixels wide.
• Provide any information you may have regarding the history of ownership of the art work,
and purchase/price history.
• Describe any labels or notations that are attached to the back of the work.
• Note if the work is damaged or has been repaired.
• Provide precise dimensions of the work.
Note: We do not do valuations of paintings, prints or other two dimensional art.
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