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Kevin is a carver from the village of Kykotsmovi, on Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. He carves in both a "traditional" style like
Philbert Honanie and a more contemporary style. Both styles have their appeal and their devoted collectors. Both styles are
culturally relevant and highly collectible. Most of Kevin's dolls that you will see on this website will be the more "traditional" style.
Kevin has won numerous awards and been featured in magazine articles and books about Hopi carving. One of his small dolls, a
Koyemsi holding a baby Koyemsi, was featured on Heard Museum's literature advertising the 2005 Heard Indian Market. Kevin
currently lives in Phoenix with his wife and children, commuting to Hopi frequently for ceremonies and to stay in touch with relatives.
He has recently been participating in the Hopi art show, Tuhisma, that has been conducted on Hopi for the last few years in early
October. Because of his popularity, Kevin's work has increased significantly in value over recent years.
Kevin Sekakuku
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Friday, February 17, 2012
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