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Artist's Profile
Tribal Affilation:
Santa Clara
Jeff graduated from Davis High School - Kaysville, Utah in 1981 and received his Architectural Drafting Certificate from Southern
Utah State College - Cedar City, Utah in 1982. Jeff has been making pottery since he was nine years old. Prior to working on
pottery full time in 1988, Jeff worked for the State of New Mexico for six years as an Engineering Auditor in the Highway
Department's Construction Section.
Permanent Collections:
Information not on file
Methods and Style of Work:
Jeff fires his pottery in a traditional wood burning firing. Many pieces crack and break in the firing primarily because of the lack of
temperature control and other potters have reverted to kiln firing due to the high rate of breakage in the traditional firing. Jeff says,
"I will always fire traditionally. The fire and smoke of the traditional fire is to me a final blessing for the clay, the piece of pottery, and
for me. A blessing I could never short cut around, no matter the outcome. I was taught to respect mother clay throughout the entire
process. There are many uncontrollable issues when making pottery. Issues a traditional potter has to live with and live by."
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Signature or Hallmark:
Jeff Roller Santa Clara (Year)
About The Artist:
After establishing himself as a true traditional potter, in the Tafoya family manner, Jeff developed his own, absolutely unique,
contemporary style. Utilizing his sculpting abilities, his love for animals, and his spiritual beliefs, Jeff sculpts animal figures on lids
of his pots and/or animal busts which protrude from the pots themselves. He works with various animals including the eagle,
buffalo, elk, deer, wolf, cougar, wild turkey, and horses, all which carry special spiritual connection to Jeff. Jeff's pieces are made
using only traditional methods and materials including his sculpted contemporary pottery. Jeff says about his sculpted animals, "I
am very grateful to the Great Spirit, Mother Clay, and to the spirit of the animals, to allow me to create something with my hands, in
their image. I do it in honor of them."
Jeff's hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping and raising horses. Jeff is also a professional hunting outfitter and specializes in
hunting Deer and Elk
Jeff Roller
Other Information:
Jeff Roller is the son of Toni Roller and the grandson of the most famous Matriarch of American Indian Pottery, Margaret Tafoya
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