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Lena Boone is one of the most prominent and prolific carvers at Zuni Pueblo. She is the granddaughter of the legendary Teddy
Weahkee and the daughter of Edna Leki, both of whose talents have been passed to her. She has a modest home at Zuni and is
very hospitable to visitors.One of the things that characterizes Lena's work is her use of new and unusual materials, from
orthoceras fossils to gold slag and glass
Beyond her extraordinary skills and artistry as a carver, Lena brings a huge sense of humanity to everything she does. In addition
to her daughter, Evalena, and her son, Leland, both of whom are accomplished carvers with growing reputations, Lena has
provided shelter, comfort and guidance to numerous Zuni children.
Lena Boone
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Friday, February 17, 2012
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