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Artist's Profile
Tribal Affilation:
Jackie was the co-curator for the "Dresses by Design: Dresses of the Northern Plains Indians" exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum
for the American Indian in Washington, D.C., which opened in 2007 and will also tour to the New York City wing and abroad. She is
featured in the Smithsonian's book on this exhibition as well. She was also the co-curator of the Blackfeet exhibit that opened in
2007 at the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian.
Permanent Collections:
Methods and Style of Work:
Jackie has been presented with many honors and awards throughout her career, including: The National Living Treasure Award;
Best of Show at People's Art – Great Falls, MT 1996; the Governor Janklow Best of Show Award in 2002 and First Place in
Traditional Arts in 2007 in Sioux Falls, SD; Second Place in contemporary beadwork at the Santa Fe art market, 2001; as well as
numerous place showings at juried art competitions throughout the U.S. In spring of 2004, Jackie also had pieces traveling in the
Native American art show in New Zealand and Beijing, China. She continues to compete in juried art exhibits and also juries art
exhibits nationally.
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About The Artist:
Jackie Parsons is an enrolled Tribal member and lifelong resident of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. She lives on a ranch near
Starr School with her husband of over 50 years, Kenneth Parsons. Together they raised six children: Dale, David, Dalynn, Donnie,
Deanne, and Denelle.
Jackie has had an impressive career. She has worked as a Tribal Secretary, Nutrition Technician, Home Economist Specialist,
Prosecutor, Blackfeet Tribal Judge, Director of Northern Plains Indian Crafts Association, and Author. Although Jackie is "retired"
(since 2001) she taught at the local Community College, pursues her art career, and is the Blackfeet Appellate Chief Justice. Jackie
serves as the Chairman of the Montana Arts Council and has been a member of the arts council since 1994, serving under three
governors of Montana.
Jackie Parsons
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