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Charles was born in 1965, and is the great grand-son of Paqua Naha, and the grandson of Joy Navasie ("Frog Woman") Charles
uses Sityatki decorations on his pots. This one is a terrific shape - with the classic design on the top of the bowl, and the beautiful
plain polished elegance on the bottom, showing off the lustrous natural firing marks. And this time, he has painted his hallmark
signature on the actual front of the pot - not on the bottom. It adds a special unique quality to the design.
Charles is known for his tightly painted designs and thin walled pottery. This bowl is a beautiful example of that work. Here he
has eagle tail designs, painted with the traditional Hopi reds and blacks. The tails are combined with flowing and detailed
geometrics providing quite a bit of movement to the piece.
Charles Navasie
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Friday, February 17, 2012
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