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Artist's Profile
Tribal Affilation:
BIA school
Jemez Valley Public Schools
Permanent Collections:
Methods and Style of Work:
Known for creating Jeez Black-on White pottery, a 300 year-old lost art tradition of his ancestors
Signature or Hallmark:
About The Artist:
Award-winning artist was born and raised in the Pueblo of Jemez. He was raised to follow the tradtional way of life and to respect
the laws and values of his ancestors.
He has served on numerous councils and committees including the Jemez Valley Public School District Board of Directors He was
chairman of his county commission, and plans to run for state senate in 2012. He has consulted with the National Park service on
many archaeological sites, including Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Salinas Pueblo Missions and others.
Joshua Madalena
Other Information:
Friday, February 17, 2012
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