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Methods and Style of Work:
Andy carves the individual stone pieces, while Roberta supplies the intricate inlay and engraving. In addition to the bears, bobcats
and corn maidens that carry their distinctive style, the Abeitas are now making a range of necklaces with hand-carved beads and
animal, corn maiden or feather pendants.
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About The Artist:
Andy Abeita is from the Isleta Pueblo, the most southern Pueblo on the Rio Grande River in New Mexico. Roberta Abeita is full
blood Navajo from the Ramah Navajo Band, located in the west central New Mexico on the Continental Divide.
Andy Abeita has been carving stone figures and winning awards for more than 20 years; utilizing a variety of materials, including
Picasso marble, alabaster and quartz, as well as semi-precious stones each piece takes “its own shape” as it is carved. According
to Andy the carvings “express our understanding and love for our traditional life and our appreciation for the gifts bestowed upon us
and those yet to come.”
Andy Abeita
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Friday, February 17, 2012
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