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A member of the Corn clan, Juanita Fragua is the matriarch of the Fragua family and has been instrumental in the Jemez pottery
revival. Potting since the 1950s, she has won many awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and other craft fairs. Each of her pieces
is hand coiled in the traditional methods and painted with all natural paints. Juanita is the only artist working today that creates her
melon pots by pushing out from the inside. The process is very time consuming and difficult to do.
Juanita signs each of her pieces in three separate ways. Each piece is marked JCF, carved into the bottom of the pot. She then
signs the piece with her full name, Pueblo and date. Last she marks each pot with her trademark arrow.
Juanita Fragua
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Friday, February 17, 2012
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