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Artist's Profile
Tribal Affilation:
Mr. Chee is primarily self-taught, but took some art classes to better define his work, as well as to learn the language and history of
art. Today, he continues to develop his artistic ability as a painter/printmaker and is constantly searching for new ways to interpret
his native culture through art.
Permanent Collections:
Methods and Style of Work:
Totally experimental in his work. Known for his Yeii's.
Specializes in acrylics, monotypes and giclees.
Signature or Hallmark:
About The Artist:
Ronald Chee is Navajo. Ardent collectors prize his work and it is featured in many museums and shows, including the Fine Arts
Museum in Santa Fe, the Smithsonian Museum Shops in Washington, the Heard Museum in Phoenix and the South West Museum
in Santa Fe. Ronald Chee took several major awards from the 2003 Heard Museum show.
Through his exceptional acrylics and monotypes, Chee succeeds in providing insights into a culture of natural existence within the
Native peoples, “the belief that animals and humans alike must share our environment and maintain the natural balance on mother
earth in order to survive.”
Chee says, “I, like many, can only imagine what life must have been like among the Native people: to be young, strong, and free; or
to be old, wise and ready for another life. I strive to continue to preserve the traditional natural concepts of Native people.”
Ronald Chee
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