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Artist's Profile
Tribal Affilation:
Lisa is self-taught, although her background in design, aesthetic layout and attention to detail cam from her father.
Permanent Collections:
Methods and Style of Work:
Lisa's work is called "pyroengraving" or burning of an original design onto the surface of a hand-cleaned, cut and prepared gourd
and / or handcrafted woodwork piece.
Signature or Hallmark:
About The Artist:
Lisa was born in California to parents of Native American and New Mexican Hispanic heritage. She is a member of Isleta Pueblo
where she learned of her bountiful heritage, customs and beliefs that form the basis for the themes that she impoys in her work.
Lisa Chavez-Thomas
Other Information:
Like most artists, I find that I have great difficulty speaking or writing about myself or my artwork. This, however, I can truly say, I
absolutely love what I do and recognize that I am so fortunate to have bestowed upon me the gift of creativity by our Great Spirit.
As an artist and as a person, I believe that it is my responsibility to accept this creative gift, blend it with my personal and cultural
histories and to apply it in a variety of artistic mediums to create the finest work that I am able.
Friday, February 17, 2012
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