Mark Fischer Catalog - page 8

Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 7
The deer was one of the most important animals to the
Woodland tribes. Every part of the deer was utilized in some
way. The deer provided food, clothing, shelter, and an
assortment of decorative and functional items.
Garden Sculpture
Our thoughts turn toward the winged creatures. They have
songs which they sing to help us appreciate our own purpose in
life. We are reminded to enjoy our life cycle. Some of the
winged are available to us as food and they too are carrying out
their responsibilities.
To us the eagle is the symbol of strength. It is said that they fly
the highest and can see the creation. We show our gratitude
for the fulfillment of the eagle's duties.
(Iroquois Prayer of Thanksgiving)
Garden Sculpture
67” x 35”
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