Mark Fischer Catalog - page 5

Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 4
Known as women who walk with two spirits…in years past, our
gay women and men were honored and respected within their
community for their ability to see and understand both a man
and a woman’s point of view. They were the only people who
were allowed to learn, teach, and carry both male and female
medicines into the future. This sculpture was designed to
honor the memory of our dear friend Toni Hernandez, Native
American glass artist.
Garden Sculpture
70” x 25”
Our thoughts turn toward the winged creatures. They have
songs for which they sing to help us appreciate our own
purpose in life. We are reminded to enjoy our life cycle. Crane
stretches her graceful neck. She performs her dance with long,
beautiful legs. We are reminded to enjoy our special dance
honoring the Crane People that we too may walk in beauty.
Garden Sculpture
50” x 32”
$450 each
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