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Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 32
We acknowledge and give greetings to the trees of the world.
They continue to perform the instructions, which were given.
The maple trees are symbols as the head of the trees. It is
the maple trees that provide us with sap for our syrup and is
the first sign of the rebirth of spring. The trees provide us
with shelter, shade, and fruits. They provide us our baskets,
canoes, drums, and many useful items. Long ago, our people
were given a way of peace and strength, and the everlasting
tree of peace symbolizes this way.
(Iroquois Prayer of Thanksgiving)
Garden Sculpture
84” x 24”
The wampum belt pattern within this sculpture is called the
Wing or Dust Fan and represents the everlasting tree of peace.
It symbolizes the permanence of The Iroquois Confederacy. It is
said to be a great white pine tree, and was planted when the
Peacemaker came to visit our people and bring the good
message of peace, power, and righteousness. Under the white
roots, which spread in all four directions, all the weapons of
our people were buried for purposes of creating an everlasting
Garden Sculpture
75” x 19”
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