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Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 31
Winter passed and lost it’s hold on the land. The north winds
grew weaker. The birds of the air had finished their sojourn in
the south and would be returning to the land. With their return
would come the storms and the rain to feed new growths.
Every year the giant birds returned to the north to build their
nests in high places and bring their young into the world, held
aloft for the long flight on the large thermal updrafts. First, the
sound of wind, then a dark shadow crossed over the land. The
giant Bird of Thunder, with wingspans over 20 feet, swooped
down across the edge of the herd and a young buffalo calf was
lifted into the air. Lightning streaked across the sky while the
voice of the Thunders spoke. It was as it should be, the herd
had grown too large and Mother Earth had needed rain.
But now, as the Thunderbirds moved over the plains they
found the herds of buffalo that once spanned to the horizon,
were not as they once were. Without the buffalo, there was
not enough food for these giant birds and many died on their
journey north. The loss of the mighty herds made migration
very difficult and many of the young birds died on the way back
to South America that fall. Soon they and the buffalo were no
Garden Sculpture
68” x 35”
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