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Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 29
During the nighttime we see the moon. We have been
instructed to address her as our Grandmother. In her cycle,
she makes her face new in harmony with other female life.
Our Grandmother Moon still follows the instructions of the
Creator. Within these are the natural cycles of women. She
determines the arrival of children, causes the tides of the
oceans and she helps us measure time. Our Grandmother
continues to lead us. We are grateful and express our
(Iroquois Prayer of Thanksgiving)
The thirteen circles on her gown represent the thirteen full
moons of the calendar year.
Garden Sculpture
Known as the “sustainers of life”, the Iroquois consider corn,
beans, and squash to be special gifts from the Creator. These
three sisters who would never be apart from one another,
should be planted together and celebrated together. Pole
beans were inter-planted with corn and squash, using the
strength of the sturdy corn stalks to support the twining beans
and the shade of the spreading squash vines to trap moisture
for the growing crop.
Garden Sculpture
71” x 38”
16” x 12” x 3”
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