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Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 19
Traditionally, flute playing was a solitary act…to play the flute
was to pay. The flute was also played on occasion to impress a
loved one. This anthropomorphic moose represents fertility,
strength, and power. Moose Man was inspired by and ancient
petroglyph from the Great Lakes region and created in copper-
a metal used in the past by “Wisconsin” area tribes for both
functional and decorative items.
Garden Sculpture
68” x 42”
We give greetings and thanks to our Mother Earth-she gives us
that which makes us strong and healthy. We are grateful that
she continues to perform her duties as she was instructed.
The women and Mother Earth are one, givers of life. We are
her color, her flesh and her roots. (Iroquois Prayer of
Garden Sculpture
70” x 48”
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