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Mark Fischer
August 2015
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They say that at one time a fox had some fish and he met up
with a bear. The bear asked him where he had got the fish and
the fox told him down by the icy river. The fox asked the bear
if he wanted to go fishing. The bear agreed and they arrived
there by the fishing hole in the ice. The fox told the bear to put
his tail in the hole. The bear put his tail in the hole and because
it was very cold his tail froze and when he jerked, his tail broke
off. So, that is the reason the bear has a short tail.
Told by: Walter Skenadore
Transcriber: Maria Hinton
Garden Sculpture
58” x 32”
10” x 14” x 3”
The buffalo was a gift of love from the Great Spirit to his red
children. All parts of this wonderful animal were used.
Nothing was wasted. Hides were made into tipis, clothing,
robes, and rawhide bags called parfleches. The meat was their
food. The recent birth of a white buffalo symbolized that
Native Americans will once again be strong and survive.
Garden Sculpture
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