Mark Fischer Catalog - page 17

Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 16
My horse, fly like a bird
To carry me far
And I will tie red ribbons To your
streaming hair.
Garden Sculpture
52” x 68”
The pattern incorporated into this sculpture is one of the
many beautiful Iroquois floral beaded designs. The Oneidas
and other Iroquois created this new style, which featured
floral designs composed of glass beads in every color, during
the years following European trading of glass beads. Beads
replaced both the porcupine quills and small shell disks that
had been previously used for ornamental purposes. Bead
embroidery decorated both hide and cloth articles of the
Oneidas regard bead-working as a gift from the Creator to
teach patience and humility and to be shared.
Garden Sculpture
67” x 25”
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