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Mark Fischer
August 2015
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A long time ago, about the time when the Oneidas first arrived
here, there were plenty of bears and deer. It was at that time
that an old man went hunting for a deer. While he was
chasing after a deer, he met up with a bear and his pet dog
had a fight with the bear. He wanted to help his dog, so he
pulled out a knife and tried to stab the bear, but the bear
grabbed the knife away from him and threw it at him and
almost killed him. Then and there he threw down his gun and
ran. When he got home, he told his wife what had happened
to him. His wife asked him, “Why didn’t you shoot her?” and
he said, “That’s not what I went hunting for, it was deer that I
was hunting for.”
Told by Guy Elm (2-13-39)
Transcribed/Taped by Maria Hinton (11-7-77)
Garden Sculpture
We give thanks to the spirit of waters for our strength of
wellbeing. The waters of the world have provided many
things. They quench our thirst, provide food for the plant life,
and are the source of strength for the medicines we need.
(Iroquois Prayer of Thanksgiving)
Garden Sculpture
67” x 13”
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