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Mark Fischer
August 2015
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Quite often, I think about these spring days when the fish
were so plentiful. Long ago, it was unheard of someone to
forbid you to fish. Every year at the same time, when they
hear frogs croaking, the spring trout come out, the old
timers heard for their old fishing place by Amos’s place.
These old timers were very ambitious about their fishing
and would take their spouses with them. They would fish
al night and the women would fry fish on the riverbank.
Here and there, there would be fires going and maybe a
pot of sucker head soup cooking. Through the night, they
could eat if they wanted to. Quite often, the fish would be
so plentiful that they could grab them with their hands and
toss them on the riverbanks. In the morning, they would
bring a wagon after inspecting the fish, would divide the
fish they caught. Now and again, we try to fish by sneaking
around, but there is a dam built above our own river so
there is little hope when there will be fish again at the spot
where we used to fish long time ago.
Told by: J.Peters
Transcribed/Taped: Maria Hinton
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