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Mark Fischer
August 2015
Page 9
An average Iroquois dwelling housed a family of female
lineage and was eighteen feet wide, sixty feet long and as
high as it was wide. Smoke holes over fireplaces afforded
light and had bark covers for which could be controlled from
the inside. There was a central corridor with vestibules
furnishing space for storage at either end. Stone hearths
were built along this central hall, one for every two families.
Some dwellings have nine fire places and were one hundred
feet long. Around the firs was the place for visiting, cooking,
eating and for children’s play. Eighteen inches up from the
ground, wide platforms were built along each wall divided
into compartments- each accommodating one family group
of this large related household. Great respect and honor are
always given to the elders and the children of each family. It
is a sacred responsibility to nurture a child’s life from the
beginning. Taking care of little children is not seen as a job
or chore; it is something people enjoy doing.
Garden Sculpture
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