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This River Trading Post guide will give you tips on how to
start a great Kachina Doll collection. We’ll show you twe
of o
ur favorites for building a beautiful collection. (Note th
there a
re over 400 different Kachina spirits, so this guide
doesn’t e
ven scratch the surface.)
There are ma
ny great reference books on the complex
subject, and this
is not one of those. But this, hopefully, ca
help to guide you as
you collect these fascinating Hopi
We cannot emphasize enou
Kachina Dolls, as ther
are many on the market today
that are not made by
people, though some made by oth
er Pueblo people may be
acceptable. Avoid
made kac
hina dolls. They simpl
are not the real deal, and will indeed sp
oil a collection.