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Information available on the internet regarding collections of Hopi Katsinam in various museums

appears to validate this claim. The following information was taken from each institution’s



The Museum of Northern Arizona

, Flagstaff, AZ: “Collections include 1000 katsina

dolls and carved figures, of which approximately 30 that predate 1900 and one that

predates 1850. Over 120 are by Jimmy Kewanytewa.”


The Heard Museum,

Phoenix, AZ: “Several collections are especially noted, chiefly the

museum’s broad collection of about 1,200 katsina dolls donated by the late Senator Barry

Goldwater, and the Fred Harvey Company.”


The National Museum of the American Indian,

Washington, D.C. and New York, NY:

“almost 700 Hopi Katsinas.”


Arizona State Museum, Tucson, AZ: “

Roughly 400 katsina carvings, most of which

are Hopi, span the time period from the 1880s to the 1990s.”


Philbrook Museum,

Tulsa, OK: “July 29, 2014, Philbrook Museum of Art announced

the important gift of 364 works of Hopi art, including katsinas, basketry, and other media

from Santa Fe-based collector Wayne S. Hyatt.” (includes 25 katsinas by Wilmer and

Wilfred Kaye; also works by Stetson Honyumptewa, and Manfred Susunkewa).

Comparable Market Values

: A survey of comparable individual Hopi Cradle dolls on the

market between 2013 and present, yielded retail market prices ranging from $90.00 to $275.00.

Listed below are examples of specific offerings from Museums, and galleries along with the date

of listing:

Wheelwright Museum

: Cradle Kachina “Cricket,” by Willard Maktima (Item ID11170503)

$90.00 (August 2014).

Gallery of American Indian Art

: Cradle Kachina “Koshari,” Artist Unknown (Item 121024-

13) $115.00 (June 2013).

Adobe Gallery

: Flat Wood Angak’china (Long Hair) Katsina Doll, Artist Unknown, (Item

C3535.66), $245.00 (August 2015).

Adobe Gallery

: Flat Wood Hahai-i-Wuhti Katsina Doll, Artist Unknown, (Item C3535.65),

$245 (August 2015).

Tribal Arts Zion

: Corn Boy Kachina, Gary Hayahm, (SKU-K-R99), $100 (April 2016).

Mark Sublette, Medicine Man Gallery

: Hopi Cradle Doll (circa 1940-50), Artist Unknown,

(Item K1118), $275 (April 2016).

Kachina House

: Old Style Badger Katsina Doll, Kevin Sekakuku, $275 (April 2016).