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480 were carved to order. On one order, Ted wrote back to Dr. Layne and said that he could not

carve two of the requested cradle dolls on the order, The Terrific Power (


and Ashes



as they were “too powerful.” All of the notes, correspondence, and receipts for his

purchases were retained and are included with the collection.

Dr. Layne’s initial goal when he started collecting, was to obtain all of the animal and plant

Cradle Katsinam. As his knowledge and interest grew, he expanded his objective to try to collect

all active and inactive Katsinam, and as many variants as possible. He built an extensive

research library about Hopi Katsinam, including references written by early residents,

researchers, and artists at Hopi such as Jesse Walter Fewkes, Alexander M. Stephen, Joseph

Mora, and Henry R. Voth. Many of the special order dolls were carved from illustrations in

these early reference sources.

Collection Details


: 674 carved Hopi Cradle Katsina dolls.




Theodore Puhuyesva, Hotevilla, AZ : 611 dolls


Willie Coin, Jr., Bacabi, AZ: 2 dolls


Larry Polivema, Bacabi: 4 dolls


Arthur (Art) Yowytewa, Bacabi: 9 dolls


Marlon Kewanhoya: 1 doll


Alvin Taylo, Shungopavi, AZ: 1 doll


Rosaline Selina, Shungopvi, AZ: 1 doll


Henry Shelton, Oraibi, AZ: 1 doll


F.W. Kaye, Hotevilla, AZ: 1 doll

10. Conrad Torivio, Shungopavi, AZ: 1 doll

11. Raymond Coin: 14 dolls

12. Vernon Coin, Bacabi: 1 doll

13. Alonzo Joshongeva, Second Mesa, AZ: 1 doll

14. Dayvan Selina, Bacabi, AZ: 1 doll

15. Rocksy Petla: 1 doll

16. Richard Pentewa, Oraibi, AZ: 1 doll

17. Larry Gallegos: 1 doll

18. Garrett Cooshise: 1 doll

19. Bertram Tsavadawa, Second Mesa, AZ: 1 doll

20. Fred Ross, Sichomovi, AZ: 1 doll

21. Ferris Satala, Winslow, AZ: 2 dolls

22. Manfred Susunkewa, Second Mesa AZ: 1 doll

23. Dennis Kootshonsie, Hotevilla, AZ: 1 doll