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Plants, primary foodsources, tools, materials
for basket making, healing provide many
images. Flowers are usually connected with
the sun. Common ones such as corn, symbol
of life, squash, beans, beansprouts and seeds
are very often found in pottery. The image
here, is from a Navajo healing sandpainting,
and each plant corresponds here to a compass
direction as well. One unusual symbol, the
open flower at the end of the "Squash
blossoms" on Navajo necklaces, were not
originally from squash at all. They were
symbolic of the pomengranate, brought in by
wealthy Spanish colonial settlers, and
symbols of the new prosperity the Spanish
introduced. As squash blossoms were already
symbols of plenty, the new image took hold
easily. Other plant images include trees,
weeds (such as Devils Claw or Jimson Weed)
and seed shapes.
Whirling Logs
, an ancient symbol from
many cultures, the North American symbol
depicted the cyclic motion of life, seasons and
the four winds. Taken from the image of a
tree in a whirlwind, this image is found in
Navajop sand paintings frequently. It is
considered a powerful medicine.