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, found in many healing and fertility
rituals, is connected with lightning, the
male organ, speed, and being able to move
undetected. He is usually depicted with his
tongue extended. He is also considered a
hunter, and in some emergence stories is
"first helper", although his nature is
usually more ominous.
, the feathered skysnake.
Frequently found in Tewa, Keres and Zuni
pottery and in some jewelry. He is the
storm bringer, the changer of seasons.
Connected with lightning, thunderstorms
and violent, sudden change.
, connected with water and Springtime,
fertility, renewal; considered a messenger.
, this is an abstract of the dragonfly
symbol, which has been used as a talisman,
particularly among the Southern Pueblos, notably at
Isleta where it became a double armed cross. This
was worn as a symbol of both Catholic conversion
and respect for older traditions.
, the singer, is connected with Springtime,
fertility and water and is often one of the ways
Kokopelli, the Seed Bringer is depicted