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, immature frogs also connote fertility
and renewal. Because they change, they are
considered very powerful.
, water animal, strength, female power
fetish animal, fertility, long life, perseverance.
Considered to be able to defy death, and is also
an annoyance to Coyote.
, the trickster is also a powerful hunting
prey god and fetish. keen ability to find things,
and is often considered an omen that something
unpleasant might happen. This whimsical, new
style, is an outgrowth of the popularity of the
Santa Fe style, during the early 1990's. This
howling style with bandana is a copy of a
cottonwood folk-sculpture first created by Santa
Fe artist Ricardo Rodriguez and later mass-
produced ad nauseum by anyone who wanted to
sell something to the tourists.