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Circular Feather Arrangements
are found
on pottery, in masks, prayer fans, dance
costumes and on Plains "war bonnets" They
are also used in decoration on buffalo hide
"counts", or story depictions in paint
recounting war honors, times of historic
contact and other important periods of time.
In a circular arrangement, they are related to
the sun, and therefore, to the Creator.
, water animal, connotes renewal, Spring
and fertility
, Directional Protector (West), physical
strength, leaderrship, also frequently mentioned
as "first helper", in creation/emergence stories.
, Hunting prey animal, sacrifice and also
mentioned as "first helper" in some emergence
stories, family protection and speed.
Horned Lizard
, represents lizards. Also
significant in some Navajo stories connoting
perseverance and keeping ancient secrets. Some
say "they'll steal your eyes if you look at them
too much!" They also are found in Coyote
stories as ones who annoy Coyote.