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Border Patterns
are used by weavers and
silversmiths to establish boundaries and as
designs in their own right. The Hopi
silversmiths, especially, have made great
use of these foreground/background
patterns in their overly jewelry. Many of
the recurring spirals and whorls are
connected with beansprouts, life springing
out, cylces of life, and eternal renewal.
We call this one "Greek key".
Border Pattern
, Spirals, whirlwinds,
renewal, water
Border Pattern
, kiva steps, or Clouds,
direction and change
Border Pattern
, Wedding Basket,
Man/Woman, Cloud Points, Night/Day
and Mountains/Sky
Border Pattern
, Waves, spirals, water and
cycles, life and renewal
Border Pattern
, composite. Many of
these are combinations of many symbols,
joined by the artist. This one contains
elements of water, birds, spirals and
prayers. Complex designs like this, in
repetition are showcases for the best Hopi