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This is a site about Native America. People, places and land. The purpose is to share some of my favorite images of Native America today. Images that I have created in my mind, and captured with the help of my camera. Images of the people who are still true to their culture and their ways, even today.

In a way it is a bit of a celebration, including a bit of fun along the way.

As you travel through the galleries, you can click on any image to enlarge it.  We have deliberately created some oversized images so that you might appreciate the size of the location.

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To help us all understand more about Native America, I have included some very special links that will give you bit more insight into Native America today. Be sure to visit them. Also you will find the path to more images. Hope you enjoy them. 

When viewing the gallery images, you will see that the images are very fine. They will take just a tiny bit longer to appear. However, I believe that you will truly enjoy them. Take some time with each one.

Some things you can do with the galleries.

If you wish to save one of the pictures in a gallery, or if you wish to make a desktop background from one of the pictures, just place your mouse over the picture and click on the right mouse button.